Mobility / Connected Transportation-related Podcasts

Mobility-related Podcasts - PodcastAs the topic of Mobility, or as its sometimes known, Connected Transportation, becomes an increasingly frequent topic in our everyday discussions, it is often helpful to be able to listen to experts speak on this topic - and not just read about it. To aid that effort, MTAM will use this page to make some of the most interesting and educational of those podcasts available to visitors on our website.

We will continue to add new content to this page as we become aware of it so we encourage you to check back often.


Michigan Mobile Musings

Smart City/Mobility Expert Carla Bailo on CAAT Conference and Mobility

CAAT Advances Students' Careers in New, Developing Auto Technologies

MTAM podcast: SPLT, Lyft partner for reliable medical appointment transportation

Ford's 'Go Detroit' Challenge competition drives developers to build apps to help Detroit

Self-driving Vehicle Laws and Michigan's Leadership in the Industry

TiE20 Winner, HAAS Alert - An Entrepreneur's Journey in Connected Transportation

Mobility Transformation, Maximizing Small Business Opportunities

How does focus on IoT & autonomous vehicles impact training, hiring needs in Michigan?

What Consumers Want from Automotive

Connected Vehicle Professional 1; MTAM Ambassadors Share Their Experience

Washtenaw Community College - Addressing the Connected Vehicle Challenges

Building the New Mobility Economy

Achieving Automation, Functional Safety, and Efficiency in Commercial Vehicles

Exploring Michigan's Connected Culture in the Automotive Industry

Connected Vehicle; Hype or Happening?


NPR - Michigan Radio

Ford Aims to Put Fully Autonomous Vehicles on Roads by 2021

Regulating Self-driving Cars for Safety Even Before They're Built

What It's Like to Ride in a (Nearly) Self-driving Uber

Should Self-driving Cars Have Drivers Ready to Take Over?

What's Next for Self-driving Cars?

Self-driving Cars are Coming, But are We Ready for Them?

Self-driving Cars Hit the Streets, Sort of

Google Makes the Case for a Hands-Off Approach to Self-driving Cars

In Michigan, A Testing Ground for a Future of Driverless Cars

Google is Becoming a Car Manufacturer

Bump On the Road for Driverless Cars Isn't Technology, It's You



Self-driving Cars and the Future of the Auto Sector


Andreesen Horowitz

When Software Eats Cars



The Future of Mobility


Miscellaneous Podcasts

Auto Guru Cole Talks Autonomous Vehicles - How Michigan Leads its Development

MI-SBDC mapping out impact of autonomous vehicles on Michigan small businesses

A discussion on Germany-based, 'Mobile Presence' about the global perspective of connected technologies in Michigan

ITS Podcast (interviews from ITS events around the world)

Jacobs Media:  Audio Entertainment in Self-driving Cars

That Car Podcast: Oh Car, Where Art Thou? (Featuring Doug Newcomb, Founder/President of the C3 Group)

The Motley Fool:  How Alphabet Inc. is Pushing (Successfully) for Autonomous Car Laws

Technophiles: Autonomous Trucks

Claims Journal: Autonomous Cars' Effect on Auto, Cyber Insurance

TechRepublic: Download Your Self-driving Car

Robotics Trends: Talking Self-driving Cars with Brad Templeton

American Mathematical Society: Putting the Auto in Automobile

Baby, You can Program My Car: A New Marketplace Podcast

The Tesla Show: Autonomous Vehicle Ethics

Electrification Nation: Autonomous Vehicles - would you trust a car to drive itself?

Precision Farming Dealer: Debating the Progress, Practicality and Potential of Autonomous Vehicles in Agriculture

WashingTECH Policy Podcast: They're coming: get ready for autonomous vehicles

Insurance Journal: Insurance Expert Talks About Drones, Autonomous Vehicles, Wearables

UK Tech Weekly Podcast: Huge Impact Driverless Cars Will Have on Parking and Urban Landscapes




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