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What is Connected Health?


What are the challenges of Connected Health?

What are the challenges that exist with the continuing expansion of Connected Health initiatives? According to the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the most pressing challenges are:
  • Privacy
  • Data security
  • Funding
  • A lack of good examples of the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of Connected Health in practice
  • The need for more high-quality research
Other high-profile issues in Connected Health include:
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Legal
  • Device management
  • Network / IT infrastructure issues
  • Reimbursement
  • User capabilities

The Importance of Connected Health

According to Deloitte Research experts in a recent Forbes article, "Mobile health, or Connected Health as its commonly known, is emerging as a significant growth opportunity for companies looking to capitalize on machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in wireless healthcare. Much of this growth will come from services designed around the 'Internet of Things', but other reasons apply. In particular, the declining cost of mobile devices and infrastructure coupled with an increased deployment of networks are providing the opportunity for mobile incumbents to apply existing infrastructure in new markets."
Healthcare seems like the obvious choice in this regard. Analyst forecasts estimate the potential value of the Connected Health market will be $4.6 billion as early as 2014. The driving forces behind this expected growth include:
  • Government mandates and mounting pressure to cut burgeoning costs in the U.S. healthcare system
  • An aging population, particularly the large baby boomer demographic
  • The need to improve disease management capabilities
  • Escalating costs associated with chronic disease management
  • An increasingly urgent shortfall of physicians (The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a shortage of 90,000 nationwide by 2021)
Wireless healthcare solutions offer a way to deal with these pressing issues, but reaping the benefit of this nascent market will require sustained collaboration across industry, political and geographic boundaries. Mobile/wireless and healthcare communities are beginning to see that the opportunity to make impactful change in our nation's healthcare system is worth the effort of that sustained collaboration.


MTAM Connected Health Advisory Council - 50_states_connected_healdh_summary_infographic_July_2015

Why MTAM has formed an Connected Health Advisory Council:

As part of MTAM’s effort to address the challenges around mHealth efforts and ensure that Michigan is leading the way in national and international initiatives driving growth in this sector, the trade association has activated a statewide mHealth Advisory Council. This committee will be tasked with assisting the trade association with development of resources, events, and educational, networking and business development opportunities for those working in Michigan’s healthcare industry, with healthcare-focused mobile/wireless technologies, and those working in organizations providing services to the healthcare industry.
The overriding goal of the advisory committee is to utilize Connected Health to drive business expansion, new business start-ups and job creation in Michigan to facilitate the state's economic diversity and growth.

MTAM Connected Health Advisory Council Objectives:

  • Assist MTAM in development and implementation of strategies that will increase the use of mobile/wireless technologies by the Michigan healthcare community
  • Identify training needs that will benefit the healthcare and mobile/wireless communities
  • Examine healthcare regulation (specifically related to mobile/wireless technologies) at the state and federal level; recommend positions MTAM should consider supporting and provide info as to the reason for that recommendation
  • Identify information that is recommended for dissemination to MTAM membership
  • Assist MTAM in developing a database of potential speakers that the association may refer for speaker requests
  • Identify Michigan-based Connected Health uses so MTAM may promote those efforts inside / outside Michigan
  • Promote MTAM resources to Connnected Health-focused members of the healthcare and mobile/wireless industries to facilitate new business opportunities, education, talent recruitment, etc.
  • Facilitate relationships for MTAM within the healthcare and mobile/wireless communities
  • Promote MTAM content in social media and promote events sponsored by the trade association to the healthcare and mobile/wireless industry communities
  • Other items as defined by the council which may be beneficial to MTAM and its mission of growing the use of mobile / wireless technologies within the healthcare industry
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