MTAM Student Chapters

MTAM Student Chapters is a program of the MTAM 'Mobile in Education' Advisory Council through which MTAM will sponsor student chapters at Michigan educational institutions.

This program is currently recruiting schools interested in hosting MTAM Student Chapters, as well as Corporate Sponsors who are interested in being involved with Michigan's student population. If interested in being part of the program contact MTAM at


  • Provide a structure for engaging students in hands-on, education-focused opportunities related to the use of mobile/wireless technologies and their use in every industry
  • Enable industries across the state to showcase their use of these technologies to students/future potential employees in order to increase interest in those industries as a career choice, and to serve as a means of recruitment by those firms, thereby keeping student talent in Michigan
  • Help Michigan's educational institutions supplement their curriculum in a way that will enable students to have access to the latest, most up-to-date mobile/wireless tech information, resources, and industry experts
  • Increase student awareness  of mobile/wireless technologies, how they are being used in every industry, and the career opportunities they provide, particularly in the State of Michigan.


  • MTAM will launch student chapters on college campuses and at high schools around the state
  • Student chapters will be managed by an on-site Advisor from the educational institution; Advisors will hold responsibility for on-campus recruitment and event marketing, program planning, and MTAM reporting; MTAM will support these efforts
  • Student chapters will have a student leadership group; appointed by Advisor, or elected by members
  • Students participating in student chapters will automatically become Student-level members of MTAM and gain the benefits of that level of membership
  • MTAM staff person will manage the Student Chapters program and serve as a liaison between the chapters and the mobile/wireless community to aid in program planning and facilitation and relationship development
  • Chapters will meet weekly to work on local/statewide projects or contests, to see speakers or demos, for mobile/wireless-related tours, and/or for hands-on experiences
  • Chapters will be expected to work on MTAM-devised statewide initiatives designed to provide real-world experience, while also serving as a method to benefit Michigan and its residents
  • MTAM will hold annual statewide conference events for members of student chapters which provides them with opportunities to interact with their peers, meet representatives from business and government that can be helpful in their future careers, and provide opportunities to hear nationally/internationally recognized speakers.

Download a flyer about MTAM Student Chapters below:

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