'Unusual' Uses of Mobile/Wireless (Connected) Tech

Think you know what to expect from mobile/wireless (connected) technologies and how we'll be using them? We at MTAM think you may be in for some surprises! 

The 'Internet of Things' provides almost infinite possibilities for the ways connected technologies can make our home and work lives easier and more productive, therefore, on this page we will add content we find about interesting or unusual uses of mobile/wireless (connected) technologies that the average person may not conceive of to help you expand your idea of the capabilities of these technologies.

With connected technologies, if you can dream it, you can likely do it!  Read on....and let your mind open to the possibilities!     

A new app may help Alzheimer's patients recognize family

Is Samsung going to launch the bendable Galaxy X phone soon?

You can now pay $350 to control your phone with a jean jacket

EyeSucceed partners with Google Glass on food industry application

This smart bra can tell when you're getting stressed

Earthquake warning on your smartphone? There could be an app for that     

Voice controlled GPS helmet to help bikers
This amazingly limber bionic arm connects to your smartphone
A new and surprising take on wearable technology
Wireless Minute: @nbsp;Heated Leather Jacket with Integrated Bluetooth System
Using drones for in-store delivery
Idea launches new line of furniture that can charge your phone without wires
10 Weirdly Useful IoT Devices
Smart whiskey bottle knows when someone has been in your stash
Now Barbie can use wireless tech to have a 2-way conversation with your child
Egyptian app warns community of traffic issues caused by roadside bombs
Drones delivering drinks in a crowded restaurant? It's not as crazy as it sounds.
Researchers building the SniffPhone for smartphone-enabled diagnostics
Augmented Reality Goggles for Skiing
Be My Eyes app harnesses volunteers to help sight-impaired people
Smart Handlebar grips help navigate on a bike without looking at your phone
You may soon be able to charge your phone by yelling at it
'Smart' toilet uses wireless technologies in disaster zones
AT&T's smart luggage solves the lost luggage problem when traveling
NFL's new tablets get positive reviews
Tattoo bio-batteries produce power from sweat
Bluetooth shoes connect driving with the sole
Bridge-saving sensors eliminate infrastructure deficiency
QR code stickers help rescue workers save lives     
Why this remote-controlled birth control will be the 'next big thing'
RFID Tags on Honey Bees Reveal Hive Dynamics
Why wearable tech will be as big as the smartphone
Cyborgs among us: humans embed chips in their bodies
Wilson Sporting Goods licenses Univ. of Michigan wireless sensor technology
Smart toilets start to appear in the U.S.
App for bipolar disorder being tested
Mobile app uses facial recognition technology to find missing pets
Mobile technology helping to quantify how animals help improve human health
Smartphone app may help people overcome alcoholism
Wireless electricity - it's a reality!
Syrup makers go high-tech with wireless monitoring
Robotic balls and GPS walking sticks: Latest bizarre tech trends
Designers play with wearable gadgets
8 ways to connect your dog to the web
App ensures you'll never see your ex again
The new hi-tech you  
Mobile/wireless technologies drive pet-friendly devices
Remote control snow blower
Can an app improve vision?
Paralyzed drive wheelchairs via wireless technologies they control via tongue piercing
VGo Robotic Telepresence
Most home searches now conducted via mobile
Battle of the SmartHomes
Reinventing parking
Wireless technology helping people walk
Smart Glasses let nurses see veins thru skin
Smartphones track fruit back to the farm
Mobile app helps students find college scholarships
Mobile technology being utilized to stop sexual predators
Samsung's Galaxy Gear marks official start to the smartwatch war
First liver surgery using an iPad and featuring use of Augmented Reality
Popularity of mobile apps growing among farmers
Is there a common language for the Internet of Things?
GPS Shoes
Mobile technology provides a better way to find your lost best friend!
Pepsi Brings a Touch of Augmented Reality Magic to Bottles
Mobile technologies power inventory tracking for restaurant industry
Rams trying out Google Glass technology on practice fields
Smartphone accessories that monitor your health
Navy's 1st Unmanned Carrier Landing Made Possible by GPS Technology
'Smart Diaper' with QR code may track tots' health
Abu Dhabi using QR codes on street signs
Wearable computers for war
Mobile technology helps blind golfers
Smartphone turns into handheld bio-sensor
Old smartphones convert to home monitoring system
Mobile technology enables high-tech guns to be remotely disabled
Apps convert smartphones into home monitoring system
Portable Device Provides Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis
Wearable tech fashion
Smart water grid technologies can save billions for water utilities
Michigan company launches first ever electronic deadbolt lock that works directly with smartphones
Wireless 'Smart Skin" Sensors Could Provide Remote Monitoring of Infrastructure
An app that keeps teachers, students and parents in sync
Coming, Ready or Not: Cell Phones as Sensors
GPS technology being utilized to prevent a horrible crime
Crisis hotlines turn to text messages to reach teens
Ann Arbor-based start-up's farming app is growing fast!
Smartphone powers Star Wars-inspired NASA robot
What will it be like to shop with Google Glass?
Apes Using Mobile Technology to Pass the Time
General Electric focuses on mobile technologies to become an industrial 'disruptor'
McDonald's uses QR codes to provide nutrition information to consumers
USPS surprises CES with eye-popping app that brings mail to life
[email protected];fights drug thefts with GPS-enabled pill bottles
The end of the smartphone era is coming
25 technologies every 'Smart City' should have
Smartphone Apps Help Drivers Find Space in Parking Garages
One Day Smartphones Will Know Your Body Better Than You Do
Credit Card Acts Like a Smartphone
Your Snartphone's Secret Afterlife
Leader Dogs for the Blind Uses Mobile [email protected];Technology to Assist Clients
Mobile technology prevents fraud in Superstorm Sandy cleanup
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade marries mobile and television to increase engagement
Unexpected careers using mobile technology:@nbsp; agriculture
Apartment renting with apps
Mobile technologies help to detect breast cancer
Watson and its mobile apps learning to save lives
Startup turns your iPad into a robot
App Helps World Health Organization Track Adolescent Health Across the Americas
App enables education community to develop dropout risk profiles that will allow educational administrators to formulate intervention strategies for Virginia students.
How the Larklife Wristband Could Turn Us All into Quantified-Selfers
Lake Nona: A Glimpse into the Future of Healthcare
Generation Smartphone
A Cute Personalized Robot Powered by an iPhone, What Could Be Better?
Swiss Cows Send Texts to Announce They're in Heat
Mobile Ensures Villages in Africa are Never Without Water
Smart Cars to be Put to Test in Ann Arbor
Cancer patients seeking info on breast cancer reproduction can now turn to an iPhone app