Michigan Mobile / Wireless Technology Exhibition



The Michigan Mobile / Wireless Technology Exhibition will enable attendees to view exhibits from Michigan-based firms currently utilizing a variety of mobile / wireless technologies. 
  • For the public, this event will increase awareness of the wide variety of mobile technologies available - much more than just a cell phone or tablet device, generate awareness that Michigan is a leader in providing products and services utilizing those technologies, and provide education about the ways those technologies may be utilized in their businesses and/or daily lives;
  • For the exhibitors, the event will provide an opportunity to showcase their firms to a large audience interested in the capabilities of mobile / wireless technology that are also interested in working with Michigan-based firms. 
  • For symposium attendees, this event will increase their level of awareness and knowledge of the types of technologies available, what is currently being done in Michigan with those technologies, and will assist in their development of the strategic plan that is a goal of the symposium.


Day 2 - July 31st, 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.



Will be announced prior to the event date.
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