TIA Vehicle Connectivity Workshop: Delivering a Connected Transportation System

November 29, 2016
Where: Detroit, MI

MTAM is a sponsor of this event; the event is free to attend.


Intelligent transportation infrastructure relies on the continuous and seamless exchange of data over communications networks to improve automotive safety, increase efficiency and mobility options. How do we advance next generation network technologies and encourage sustained investment to deliver the opportunities afforded by intelligent transportation systems?

Automotive OEMs, networking OEMs, over-the-top applications developers, network operators, insurance companies, and state and federal regulators are all looking to define their role and the business opportunities within a yet-to-be-defined, but potentially lucrative, industry that is quickly adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to create new service offerings and features that enrich the lives of automotive consumers, improve transportation safety and generate data-driven revenue.

Event Agenda

Join TIA for this workshop, comprised of thought-leaders from automotive, service provider and network infrastructure companies to learn about the current business partnerships and opportunities within the ITS market in addition to the impending regulatory environment, proposed technologies and consumer trends that will shape the future of the automotive experience.

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