What's Happening in Connected Tech - Worldwide

Mayors vs. the FCC

T-Mobile bug gave hackers access to customer data using only a phone number

T-Mobile and Sprint may finally be getting together

The New Sticker Shock: Plunging Cellphone Bills

The Supreme Court will consider a mobile phone privacy case

Verizon wins $3 Billion 5G spectrum bidding war

Why Verizon is losing more cellphone customers than ever

AT&T and Verizon violating Net Neutrality, Wheeler tells Senate

Survey: IoT market to gain 6M developers over next 4 years

FCC draws no conclusions about wireless competition
GE launching a digital division, focus on IoT
The cellphone contract era is so dead
Verizon will drop phone contracts, end discounted phones
8 Futuristic Password Replacements (6 use your body)
FCC to open up valuable airwaves for tech and telecom companies
The mobile revolution hidden in net neutrality
FCC rule requires wireless carriers to provide text-to-911 service by end of 2014
Law changed to allow 'unlocking' cellphones
House Transportation Committee Chair to offer driverless car rides to lawmakers
Apple opens another US-based manufacturing site
Supreme Court to Cops: 'Get a Warrant' for Cell Phone Searches
FCC calls for Text-to-911 in 2014
New Battery Technologies Could Dramatically Change Electronics Market
Apple continues its 'made-in-the-USA' push
Soldier Field gets upgraded DAS from AT&T, Boingo
What do all the recent changes in mobile/wireless industry really mean?
Fact Sheet:  White House Task Force on High-tech Patent Issues
The Enterprise App Economy
FCC chief, Genachowski to step down, touts expanded broadband
FTC's Second Kids' App Report Finds Little Progress in Addressing Mobile App Privacy Concerns and Children
FCC Ruling Gives Boost to Mobile Marketers
End of landlines, no phone numbers & no international calling charges
Small cell, Wi-Fi Groups Aim for Integration
FTC Chief:  Kids' Internet privacy rules done by year's end
Why cell towers are important and what municipalities (and residents) need to know
Google Self-driving Car at 300,000 Miles ... and Counting
Wi-fi Alliance Begins Certifying PassPoint Devices
No 'Jihad' Between Carriers and Apps
ComputerWorld honors 2012 winners:  Using Technology to Improve Society
DOT will pay truckers to test  connected vehicle technology
Wireless Sector's Contribution to the Canadian Economy Reaches $43 Billion
Should Telecom Rules be Upgraded for Wireless?
It's Official, Google is Now a Hardware Company
High-tech Ghost Town Being Built for Mobile / Wireless Research
Study Credits 'App Economy' with 500,000 U.S. Jobs
Telecom's Competitive Solution:  Outsourcing
The State of the Wireless EcoSystem in the U.S.
Industry Leaders Aim to Redefine Power as Smart and Wireless
How 4G Will Change the Way We Drive
Apple Ponders Facial Recognition for iOS
AT&T / T-Mobile Merger (article roundup)
Wicked Smart Phones: Researcher Sees Spies Among Us
Antennas:  Out of sight, out of mind
Understanding Google's Mobile Ambitions
Mobile Apps to Get Ratings Similar to Video Games
AT&T Reviewing Options After FCC Setback
Windows Phone Marketplace hits 40,000 apps
Government Super Committee Flop Dashes Spectrum Auction Hopes
CEA forms smart grid interface standard committee
FCC Finds AT&T Purchase of T-mobile Not in the Public's Interest
CTIA / ESRB to Partner on Standardized App Rating System
National Public Safety Organizations and Wireless Industry Respond to FCC Report on 911 Fund Diversion
Judge Declares Law Governing Warrantless Cellphone Tracking Unconstitutional
Mobile Carriers Unite on NFC Issue
Marketing 'Misfires' Trigger More 'Text Spam' Lawsuits
New CTIA Report Proves Wireless Means Cost-Savings and Efficiencies for Businesses
Court Rules AT&T to Get More Sprint Documents in T-Mobile Case
House Passes Freeze on Wireless Taxes
Regulations Proposed for Mobile Health Apps
The Great Tech War of 2012
Wireless Subscriptions Top U.S. Population
Facing regulatory pressure, carriers agree to send overage alerts
GE-Philips Health Equipment Market Opens as Smartphones Win FDA Nod
FEMA and FCC Help Consumers Prepare for Disaster with Wireless Technology
Verizon Expands Home-Monitoring Service Plans Utilizing Mobile Technology
Justice Department document shows how carriers treat our data
Live Operator Assistance Now Standard w/ Ford SYNC
Will OnStar Sell Your Information?
10 Controversial (and Brilliant) Wireless Business Ideas
OnStar Tracks Your Car Even When You Cancel Service
IRS Clarifies: Work Cellphones ARE NOT Taxable Perks
Sprint App Shuts Down Driver's Phone
Android pulls market share from Blackberry to increase lead over Apple
Ban recommended on trucker cell use and texting
Opportunity for mobile developers from Samsung
Mobile phones help to target disaster aid says study
Verizon Extends Security Offerings to Aid Healthcare Industry
Google Facing the 'App vs. Mobile Web' Issue; Makes Organization Changes  
Many U.S. Schools Trimming Book Budgets in Favor of iPads
CTIA Predicts Telecom Policy Breakthroughs
AT&T DriveMode App Extends Company's Commitment to Anti-Texting-While-Driving Education
Apple Files Patent Application to Learn the Sound of Your Voice
FierceWireless: What Were the Worst Wireless Acquisitions of All Time?
PCI Security Standards Council Issues Standards for Mobile Payment Apps
Did you miss the International Telematics Conference 2011 in Detroit? See what you missed via RCR Wireless.
AT&T Announces First 5 LTE Cities
The Next Phase of Mobile, Flexible Paper Computers and Cell Phones?
Radio Shack Plans Deeper Involvement in Cell Phone Industry
NYC Unveils First-in-Nation Emergency Alert System to Use Mobile Technology
Microsoft Buys Skype
Digging Thru AT&T's FCC Filing
Freemium Apps Boom, but New Hurdles Emerge
Sprint Joins Rural Cellular Association
Court Dismisses Challenges to FCC Internet News
Best Buy to Become an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator)
AT&T to Purchase T-Mobile USA for $39 billion
AT&T First U.S. Carrier to Launch Location-based Marketing Service
Square Now Processing $1 Million Per Day in Mobile Payments
Nielsen Reports:  Android is #1 OS in the U.S.
Verizon Sues Over SMS Fraud
How HTML5 is Changing the Face of Mobile