Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 11

"Pyramid Power"

YouTube & Netflix are bigger with radio listeners than Pandora & Spotify

220 stations / 13 radio formats / 41,634 respondents / 4 generations

Bingham Farms, MI - In Jacobs Media's new web study of radio listeners, the big story is the changing media landscape, and the growth of media brands and platforms. The media habits of 13 format core audiences along with four generations are examined in this mega-survey of radio listeners. From Boomers to Millennials, different patterns of consumption emerge.

TS11 was conducted in late January through early February of this year. Stakeholder stations participated in a webinar last week, and the results of the study will be released over the next few months.

As Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs points out, "Every year when we sit down to analyze the data, we're in search of "the one big thing" that impacts radio. This year the story is different - there's a steady drumbeat of digital growth in all directions, as radio listeners enjoy a widening array of options. The good news is that consumers continue to strongly listen to radio as the media landscape continues to expand."

TS11 illustrates the growing influence of television and video on radio. The ways in which consumers watch their favorite shows, series, and streaming videos is a major trend in this study. From Smart TVs, to strong weekly usage for brands like Netflix and YouTube, the signs for a movement to more on-demand programming are clear.

One of the key differences in this year's analysis is the addition of a new "Brand/Platform Pyramid" that details how radio listeners use services that range from YouTube to SiriusXM to Spotify.

Jacobs continues, "Our original Media Usage Pyramid was getting crowded because of the expansion of media gadgets, channels, and platforms. Now we have an additional pyramid that focuses on brands to help programmers, marketers, and strategists better understand how and where their listeners are spending their time."

This year's Media Usage Pyramid is below:

Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 11 - MTAM Member News Releases - Media_Usage_Pyramid_2015

More than 90% of respondents spend at least one hour a day with radio and/or television, the foundation of this pyramid.

Other highlights include:

  • More than 8 in 10 respondents now own a smartphone and more than 6 in 10 now have a tablet - mobile continues to grow year after year
  • Two-thirds stream video weekly or more often; nearly 6 in 10 stream audio at least weekly - this underscores steaming as a growing media activity
  • Four in ten now have a Smart TV - and television plays a major role in TS11
  • Just over one-fifth have downloaded/listened to a podcast within the past month
  • Nearly one-fifth own a "connected car"
  • And at the top of this pyramid, 2% own a smartwatch - the survey was fielded prior to the Apple Watch announcement

This year's first "Brand/Platform Pyramid" allows broadcasters to get more granular with their audiences, identifying key brands they use. For each of the brands and platforms, this pyramid shows weekly usage (with the exception of broadcast radio which is one hour/day or more, and SiriusXM which is subscribership/free trial).

Jacobs Media's Techsurvey 11 - MTAM Member News Releases - Brand_Platform_Pyramid_2015

Here are some of the highlights from this new pyramid:

  • Seven in 10 use Facebook at least weekly, making it the dominant social media platform. About one-fifth spend time on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN weekly or more often
  • A majority now watches a YouTube video at least weekly, while just over one-third connect with Netflix at least once during a 7-day period
  • Overall, 3 in 10 go to Pandora on a weekly basis or more often, while nearly one-fifth use iHeart Radio at that same frequency
  • One in 10 uses Spotify at least weekly

Both the "Media Usage Pyramid" and the "Brand Platform Pyramid" are available by format, gender, and generation, making them useful tools in better understanding how radio listeners are expanding their horizons.

Techsurvey11 was powered by NuVoodoo who provided analytical and platform support.

A TS11 slide deck is accessible here

Jacobs Media is a Detroit-based media research and consulting firm, specializing in radio, television, and new media. Its mobile app company, jacAPPS develops applications for smartphones. To date, jacAPPS has created more than 900 apps that have generated more than 24 million downloads.

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