Keyboard Warriors Unite! Send SMS from your Computer with LAN SMS.

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"Your keyboard called - it wants you back!"

Android users that hate texting can take back their sanity with LAN SMS.

The goal of LAN SMS is to give Android users who dislike texting, buy rely on this form of communication, the option to send and receive messages using their computer and keyboard.

The app is best suited for individuals who work or play on their computers, including students, business professionals, travelers, or any individual who uses text and SMS messaging for communication.

LAN SMS is a practical, non-fussy, communication solution for SMS sending and receiving. Users may use their existing phone number, are NOT required to create an account, and can use LAN SMS without an internet connection.


  • Relay SMS for FREE
  • Re-open tabs next session
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Phone locator
  • SMS search function
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Tabbed chatting
  • Incoming call notification
  • Chrome app always on top option
  • Auto tab switching
  • Desktop pop-up for phone notifications
  • Ignore SMS from non-contacts
  • Displays battery charge
  • Notifies when battery dying
  • Themes

LAN SMS is free to download and includes a basic feature set (without ads). For a $2 monthly subscription, users may enjoy LAN SMS Pro features. For a complete list of features, visit our website.

Requires Android 4.0 and above.

Requires Google Chrome browser to download and use Chrome application on desk or laptop.

Coming soon: Scheduled delivery, auto-reply/away messaging, and group outbound messaging.

LAN SMS for Android

LAN SMS for Chrome


Eon Edge Studios, founded in 2011, is a software company that develops and publishes apps on a variety of platforms. It's owner, Charles, is an obsessed programmer that tries to solve problems that make him rage. He was driven to create LAN SMS for keyboard warriors like him who find texting on tiny devices to be tedious and time-wasting.

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