Macomb-OU INCubator client Onu One engineers 3D sales-catalog application

SOUTHFIELD - In 2013, Pixo Group's co-founder and CEO, Sean Hurwitz, partnered with Sam Sesti to explore how to commoditize Pixo Group's three-dimensional technology, making that level of mobile engagement available to benefit a larger population. The result is Onu One, a fully-engineered, sales-catalog application under the new company Onu LLC.

"The app gives sales representatives in the filed the ability to show off their products in their tru form while putting to work already existing 3D file assets," said Sesti the Onu president.

Using a patent-pending technology, users can easily upload their 3D CAD files, as well as other formats, for conversion into digitally-animated 3D images. In real time, these images can now be in the hands of sales reps and customers without IT intervention or a huge financial investment. Onu One is subscription-based and affordable, especially when compared with printing costs, shipping costs and the challenges some representatives face with line-ups of delicate and expensive products.

Onu One allows views of a product's every angle, "explosions" of a product for more detail, a change in color preferences, and more. Users' movement through the application is tracked for lead qualifying, making it a very powerful tool. The team at Onu has honed in on a few early target markets well-suited for the technology including the auto aftermarket, sporting goods, small appliances, audio/visual equipment and medical devices.

The Macomb-OU INCubator has been in the process of assisting Onu with startup funds, including exploration of the Business Accelerator Fund and the Michigan Pre-Seed Fund as well as with local private investors.

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