jacAPPS Introduces App Everywhere

BINGHAM FARMS - Mobile application developer jacAPPS has announced a new initiative - App Everywhere. The program works on a growing array of new devices - including AppleWatch, Google Chromecast, smart TVs, and in-car dashboards to provide radio brands with the ability to connect with listeners wherever they are and whenever they want.

"We saw the growing trend at Consumer Electronics Show this past January - it is essential that radio stations make it easier for consumers to connect with their content throughout the digital eco-system." Jacobs Media CEO Fred Jacobs commented. "Consumers aren't buying radios, but they are purchasing smart TV, smartwatches, and other gadgets driven by apps. The radio industry needs to be there, too."

jacAPPS is now developing apps for these new platforms, and will produce Apple Watch applications for an early Fall release to coincide with Apple's WatchOS2 update. As other platforms gain penetration, jacAPPS will continue to lead the radio industry in mobile app development.

The company launched 100 days after Apple opened its App Store, and has now developed more than 950 apps on both the iOS and Android platforms.

"These new devices provide radio with an opportunity to maintain and grow its already amazing reach," jacAPPS COO Bob Kernen said. "While the smartphone has revolutionized our lives, we are focused on developing apps in cars, on wrists, and in living rooms. Our experience as the House Developer for Ford has demonstrated the power of distribution, and this expansion is just the beginning.

"We think it is important for our clients' content to be where the audiences are," said Jacobs, "And that's what App Everywhere is all about."

jacAPPS develops mobile applications for radio, and has developed apps for Entercom, Greater Media, Bonneville, Scripps, Emmis, and a wide variety of public radio and Christian radio stations in North America and throughout the world. A recent partnership with Radio Express will make jacAPPS available in Africa and Latin America.

For more information, contact Bob Kernen at Bob@jacapps.com or at (248) 353-9030.

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