Smart Cities

Michigan IT projects take home top honors in national competition

Problem solving with real-time data: Grand Rapids on the road to become a Smart City

Smart Cities are the wave of the future

The City of the Future - infographic

Obstacles to Smart Cities implementation

Cool Cities rely on technology; Smart Cities rely on data and partnerships

Case study: Making sense of 'smart state' efforts underway in Illinois

5 Smart City case studies

Grand Rapids turns to sensors for data

Remember the human element when implementing Smart City technologies

Smart City Challenge - An update on the participating cities

Verizon's Boston Smart Cities Pilot Begins

How GIS and drones have aided Hurricane Matthew recovery work

Confronted with vacant building fires, Louisville turns to civic hackers

GIS helps election officials ensure early voting goes smoothly

How to Ensure Smart Cities Benefit Everyone

App connects AMTRAK to Uber

3 ways cities are using tech to solve the problems of tomorrow

If only one U.S. city wins the Smart City race, the whole nation loses

U.S. Transportation secretary: Smart cities are next transportation revolution

Smart HIghways: Smart Mobility key to cities' liveability

Bill Ford says governments need to be involved as transport changes

Howes: Trillions on the line in the autonomous car "gold rush"

How Digital is your State?

Why Smart City Development Relies on Relationships

Sidewalk Labs' Role in Columbus Smart City Program Appears Limited For Now

Utilities' drone plans cleared for takeoff

Measuring Exposure to Pollution: Mobile-Phone Data Helps Researchers Study an Urban Problem

Michigan county police adopt mobile fingerprint scanning

Chicago deploys computers with eyes, ears and noses

Columbus, OH wins USDOT Smart City Challenge

Panasonic unveils world's latest smart city concept

City officials, tech community talk coding for civic good

DOT selects 7 finalists for Smart City Challenge

IoT Smart Cities Market Heading to $148 Billion

Report:  Cities see value in smart city development but are stumped by planning

How innovative is Lansing?

Carson City, Nevada, hoping new apps will help it become a smart city

Infographic: World's Smartest Cities

Number of smart cities has grown 40% in 2 years

Siemens showcases future of Smart Cities with Ann Arbor partnership

AT&T Going Big on Smart Cities

AT&T to announce a major 'smart cities' push at CES

DoT announces 'Smart City' Challenge to increase infrastructure efficiency in urban areas

New app aims to help first responders conduct better search & rescue operations

Connected Cities Combine Technology, Ecology

When Connected Care Creates Better Communities

Super-connected cities plan hailed a success, says digital minister Ed Vaizey

Smart Cites: How M2M will affect major urban areas

Sensors may be key to truly smart cities

Busing by the numbers:  DDOT turns to analytics

A driverless police motorcycle that can issue tickets, record the encounter and much more; significant impact on police coverage capabilities

Top 5 connected cities in the world

Re-programming Mobility

How the Internet of Things is affecting urban design

The Constantly Evolving Smart Building and its Impact on Smart Cities

Why car-free cities aren't right around the corner

Towards Smart Cities and the Role of Machine-to-Machine Technologies

Streetlights of the future may help cities fight traffic

Blackberry IoT platform could become smart city enabler

"Smart" cities and the urban digital revolution

Jakarta launches Smart City program

4 Tech Trends Changing How Cities Operate

Digital Cities Survey 2014

Using public transportation to create Wi-Fi hot spots

The Global Smart Cities Market (ppt)

Getting smarter about 'Smart Cities'

Smart Cities -- a $1.5 Trillion Market Opportunity

Municipalities, industry give thumbs-up to federal 'Model City' initiative to test spectrum sharing

Becoming a smarter city: Six public safety projects that deliver quick results

Top 10 Smart City Tech Suppliers   



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