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The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) offers membership to individuals, companies and organizations associated with, or interested in, mobile/wireless (connected) technologies. 
Membership is open to the following:
  • Firms/organizations who are part of Michigan's mobile / wireless (connected) tech eco-system
  • Firms/organizations in Michigan who are utilizing mobile / wireless (connected) technologies in any way
  • Firms/organizations in Michigan interested in learning more about mobile / wireless (connected) technologies
  • Michigan educational institutions (K-12 and higher-education)
  • Non-profit organizations/foundations
  • State and local government organizations
  • Firms based outside Michigan that are part of the mobile / wireless (connected) tech eco-system and doing business in Michigan
  • Individuals working in, or interested in, mobile / wireless (connected) technologies, as well as members of other industry verticals where mobile / wireless (connected) technologies are being utilized
  • Students interested in mobile / wireless (connected) tech-related careers 

Benefits and Fees are dependent upon which type of membership you select. Please see below for further information on each membership category.

Why Join MTAM:

MTAM is a trade association for firms, organizations, and individuals interested in, working in or utilizing mobile/wireless (connected) technologies in Michigan.

Our mission is:

  • to facilitate conversation/collaboration between varied sectors of the mobile/wireless (connected) tech eco-system; serve as the bridge to enable diverse organizations to understand each other's perspectives and needs in order to drive new innovation and opportunities involving these technologies
  • to increase the use of, and demand for, Michigan-based mobile/wireless (connected) technology products and services in-state, nationally and globally
  • to increase the productivity and profitability of every industry vertical in Michigan via the use of these technologies
  • to create sustainable jobs and increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the state based on the use of these technologies, thereby achieving substantial growth of Michigan's economy
  • to help the communities we serve via the use of these technologies
The value of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan includes, but is not limited to:
  • Industry Events
  • Business Development
  • Networking
  • Training / Professional Development
  • Marketing / Branding Opportunities
  • Industry Info & Resources
  • Discounts / Special Opportunities
  • Research
  • Advocacy
  • Much, much more!


Membership Types:

Charter Members

  • Are considered as leaders of the organization and will be the group that our Board of Directors turns to most often for input on the direction of the organization.

Non-Michigan-based Members

  • Are firms within the connected tech eco-system that are based outside Michigan but provide services and/or have employees within Michigan.
  • Non-Michigan-based firms may select 'Non-Michigan-based' membership level or 'Charter' membership level only. Corporate and Small Business memberships are reserved for Michigan-based companies.

Corporate Members

  • Are well-established firms that operate within the connected tech industry, this may include:  carriers, mobile device manufacturers, national/international trade associations, software development firms, cell tower installation firms, mobile marketing firms, wireless system installers, tower manufacturers, etc.
  • Are regional or national firms who utilize connected technologies, this may include: advertising agencies, advertisers, health care firms, educational institutions, manufacturers, real estate firms, financial services firms, entertainment, retail, travel, consumer services, business services, and much more.
  • Are firms or individuals not directly working in the connected tech space but acting as suppliers to, or having an interest in, the connected tech industry.  These firms or individuals may include:  attorneys, investors, accountants, non-technical suppliers, educators, researchers, media firms, etc.
  • Are government organizations interested in and/or working with connected technologies.

Non-profit Organization / Educational Institution Members

  • Are non-profit organizations interested in working with the connected technologies industry in Michigan and/or utilizing connected (mobile / wireless) technologies for their own organizations
  • Are educational institutions - for profit or not-for-profit, public or private - (k-12, higher education) who are interested in providing training related to connected (mobile / wireless) technologies and/or utilizing those technologies to provide those educational services.

Government Members

  • Are local, state, or Federal government organizations interested in working with the connected (mobile/wireless) technologies industry in Michigan and/or utilizing these technologies for the benefit of their respective constituencies.

Small Business Members

  • Are entrepreneurial firms involved in any segment of the connected tech industry
  • Are entrepreneurial firms who are already taking advantage of connected technologies to increase productivity and/or profitability for their business
  • Are firms interested in exploring connected technologies use to benefit their firm in some capacity
  • The expectation is that small business members will have 100 employees or less; those firms having more employees should join with a Corporate-level membership or above.

 Individual Members

  • Are individuals working in, or interested in, the connected tech industry from a development, manufacturing or marketing perspective.
  • Are individuals interested in learning more about connected technologies and the value they provide.
  • Individual members will not be listed with a company affiliation on our website, nor will they be able to promote a firm at MTAM events or via MTAM media assets.  Those seeking to promote a business must select one of the business-level memberships listed above.

Student Members

  • Are students currently pursuing, or interested in pursuing, careers within the connected tech industry.
  • Are students interested in connected technologies but not yet pursuing that interest in their academic careers.
  • Student members will not be listed with a company affiliation on our website, nor will they be able to promote a firm at MTAM events or via MTAM media assets.  Those seeking to promote a business must select one of the business-level memberships listed above despite any current student status.
  • Student members may be required to provide proof of current student status.

Membership Dues & Renewal Policy

MTAM membership is based on a calendar year, January 1st thru December 31st.  Memberships must be renewed each year in December; you will receive an invoice to remind you of the renewal date.
You will pay the full annual rate for your selected membership level for the first year's membership regardless of membership start date; during the first renewal period, you will receive a pro-rated invoice based on your initial membership date.

Learn about the benefits of MTAM membership

MTAM membership dues are non-refundable. In the event of the sale or merger of an MTAM member firm, membership may be transferred to the new entity with written notification from the representative of record for the original organization.