Pixo Group

Our unique capabilities and expertise have allowed us to successfully pioneer our mission of building rich, rewarding two-way relationships and deep, personal engagement between our clients and their customers.  

As a mobile games and apps developer with global brand marketing expertise, we utilize sophisticated game mechanics and techniques for long term customer engagement solutions.   

At PIXO we have been developing games and apps for brands since the birth of the mobile industry. We use pure design and gameplay but sometimes - quite often actually - we use our game dev experience, tools, skills and mechanics to build a 'place' for the brand in mobile space.  A place where the users can go and experience the brand by touching assets that come to life - images, videos, 3D objects they can manipulate, links, mini games, etc...  you get the idea.  As a full-on game developer we can take the brand experience to endless depths.   

Website:  http://pixogroup.com/