Rocket Fiber

Providing Rocket Speed Internet

Gigabit Internet is up to 100 times faster than the average residential connection. That means super fast browsing, crystal clear video, lag free gaming, and lightning quick access to the cloud. Rocket Fiber will make your old connection feel like dial-up. We'll treat you right too!

Why Speed Matters

When Henry Ford first began to build the car here in Detroit he was famously quoted for pointing out that if he would have asked people what they wanted they would have said they needed faster horses. Well some internet companies will tell you that you don't need a gigabit of Internet. You're just fine with the speeds increasing slowly year after year. Who could need internet that fast, anyway? We don't want to tell you what you do or don't need. Instead, we want to put you in the driver seat so you have a choice.

We believe that Rocket Fiber can be Detroit's assembly line of the 21st Century. Gigabit Internet is one part eliminating buffering, and two parts what innovators and entrepreneurs can create with gigabit speed. Imagine computers that will be able to move massive data sets across great distances as if they are sharing the same hard drive or crystal clear HD virtual doctor visits to patients who won't even have to leave their homes. Home entertainment will soar to new heights with live 4K programming and rich virtual reality media that you can stream directly to your home. Imagine the Internet being removed from the equation completely.

We are working very hard to bring Rocket Fiber to both businesses and residents in the Central Business District by the end of 2015. After that, we'll be looking to expand the network as soon as we can.