State of Michigan - MDIT Infrastructure Services

The Infrastructure Services Organization

Michigan has a rich history in technology infrastructure. We were the first state to appoint a CIO and the first to complete telecommunications and mainframe consolidations. We found ways to make progress with the tightest budget conditions in our state's history and recently have delivered on our promise to consolidate 29 data centers in the Lansing area.
Michigan's IT infrastructure is managed by five teams: Telecommunications, Data Center Operations, Office Automation Services, Field Services and Technical Services. These teams are the "face" of IT services in Michigan. They respond to an average of 29,000 calls each and every month from the state's 55,000 employees. IS managers are responsible for an annual budget of over $160 million and provide connectivity to over 1200 locations throughout the state. Every state function, from prison operations to park reservations, is supported and enabled by these five groups.
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