Mobility - and its Importance to Michigan

Mobility - a word we've been hearing more and more lately, but what does it really mean?

To those of us from Michigan with our strong automotive history, we're likely tempted to assume that it must mean automobiles - but we would be wrong!  While automobiles are absolutely a significant part of Mobility moving forward, the automotive industry is now one part of a much larger Mobility movement. And our automotive industry is embracing this change whole-heartedly by implementing new connected technologies in their vehicles, exploring partnerships that enable them to expand into new lines of service, and conducting research into new products that can be added to their offerings that will be embraced by consumers no longer so interested in the suburban-lifestyle that requires driving long distances but rather seeks to live a more urban lifestyle.

A generally-accepted cross-industry definition of Mobility is: getting goods and people from point A to point B. This encompasses vehicles for personal use, fleet vehicles, public transit, ride-sharing, bicycles, car-sharing, self-driving cars, planes, trains, and any other form of motorized transport. It often includes an on-demand component.

Mobility is a critical pursuit that will impact the world environmentally, economically and technologically.

It will help improve air quality and reduce fossil fuel consumption. It will lead to fewer, yet more sophisticated vehicles and roadways. And it will provide a safer and more convenient mode of transportation for consumers and commerce alike.

Infographic:  Benefits and Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

Infographics: Four Connected Car Infographics That Capture the Ecosystem

Mobility / Connected Transportation-related Podcasts

As the topic of Mobility, or as its sometimes known, Connected Transportation, becomes an increasingly frequent topic in our everyday discussions experts from Michigan and around the world can often be found being interviewed on podcasts about this topic. MTAM will share many of the best podcasts we find as part of our effort to provide a wide array of subject-matter experts, and the highest possible level of knowledge, to those who visit our site.

Mobility / Connected Transportation-related Events

MTAM has a listing on our website of all local, statewide, national and international Mobility / Connected Transportation-related events we are aware of. This listing changes often as we become aware of new events so we encourage you to check it often.  If you have an event you would like to have listed on this site, please submit it at [email protected] or on our website.

The Michigan Advantage

Michigan is at the epicenter for all things mobility. With all of the talent, resources and vision to make it a reality well before any other place in the world.

Michigan's mobility assets include an established automotive foundation, talent and intellectual capital, connected vehicle projects, education and research and development.

More than half of the world's population live in towns and cities, and by 2040, researchers project that 2 out of 3 people will live in urban environments. As residents change the way they live, travel and use services, many of the technologies that are changing the transportation industry will be conceptualized, tested, validated and created in Michigan.

The Planet M campaign was created to elevate Michigan as the hub of mobility innovations, leading to more business investment and jobs in the state.

Examples of Michigan's Mobility Leadership:

Connected Mobility Skills Need Assessment 2017

Our Autonomous Future; an 'Eye on the Future' special, CBS62

Download this document to learn more about PlanetM and the Michigan Advantage for Mobility:

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