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  • MiSwift Group
  • CocoaHeads Ann Arbor 
  • CocoaHeads Detroit
  • CocoaHeads Grand Rapids
  • Grand Rapids Java User Group
  • Lansing Codes
  • Android/Google Developer User Group of Ann Arbor 
  • Detroit Mobile Net User Group
  • Detroit Google Developers Group
  • Unity -VR-Dev - #Slack
  • Detroit Unity 3D VR / AR Development


Free AT&T UI Elements for HTML5
AT&T provides documentation, code snippets, and art specifically for HTML5. These UI elements are designed to be drop-in code that will result in professional form elements that require little hand-coding. All UI elements are free to download and share. We offer the option to download the full set of resources or view the documentation for individual UI Elements. Getting Started is a guide for using these resources.

WAC Tools and Resources
The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) is an industry initiative designed to streamline the process for getting developers' apps onto various device platforms on multiple carriers. The first type of application to be handled by WAC will be web widgets, which are downloadable web apps based on HTML5. Widgets are packaged for downloading as defined by the W3C Widget Packaging spec—basically, zipped up, with a configuration file included. If you want to learn more, read our WAC Frequently Asked Questions.

Submit Your Business Apps
Interested in getting your business apps to AT&T customers? We are now seeking business and productivity apps for distribution via AppCenter, AT&T's official storefront for downloadable content. Want to get your enterprise solution certified? Apps that successfully complete the AT&T Enterprise Software Certification process are published to the AT&T Certified Solutions Catalog. Learn more about these two channels and submit your apps today.

Coding Energy-Efficient Apps
Ever wonder why your cell phone's battery life seems to vary at times? Notice how some apps cause your battery to drain more quickly than others? Why do these problems occur? It could be due to inefficient data communication within your app. In fact, one popular app was found to be using 40% of its power consumption to transmit 0.2% of its data! Read more about energy-efficient apps

Check Out New Tips for BlackBerry Development
We have posted three new Tech Tips to help you make the most of cutting-edge developments for the BlackBerry 6 and BlackBerry Tablet OS platforms. Get the latest tips on the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator, Sketchpad in Webworks, and the RSS Reader. Learn more