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MTAM Talent Exchange, powered by WorkFountain, is a state of the art job-matching platform that uses sophisticated matching algorithms to connect candidates to employers based on skills, interests, and job requirements. The system provides curated job matching to ensure that candidates are matched to opportunities that best fit their unique profiles, while employers are connected to the most qualified active candidates.

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Learn About Types of Jobs Available in the Mobile/Wireless (Connected) Tech Industry

A new kind of tech job emphasizes skills, not a college degree

10 industries in which tech workers earn the highest salaries

Shortage of high-tech auto mechanics has dealerships taking action

Need a job? How about engineering a driverless car?

New report identifies future workforce challenges to overcome for Michigan to compete as mobility leader

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Hoteliers comb the ranks of tech workers to gain an edge

Detroit cracks list of best place to live for tech entrepreneurs

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Michigan is facing a dire shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals

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It's tough being over 40 in Silicon Valley

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Survey: IoT market to gain 6M developers over next 4 years

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The highest paying tech jobs right now

10 Best Tech Jobs for 2016

4 of 5 open developer jobs outside Silicon Valley, but computer science courses often scarce in those places

This map shows where all the open software engineering jobs are in the U.S.; 91% are NOT in the Silicon Valley

New report examines Michigan's transportation safety workforce

Calling all women: The cybersecurity field needs you and there's a million jobs waiting

Technology has created more jobs than it has destroyed, says 140 years of data

Happiest job in America

Apple more than doubles hiring of Women and Minorities

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7 unexpected majors that can get you into tech

Tech and Fashion's Fight Over Talent has Only Just Begun

Hot Tech Jobs for 2014

Cracking the Digital Ceiling in Metro Detroit

Tech is hiring more women than men for the first time in 10 years

CoFoundersLab now bringing online "founder dating" to 10,000 founders-to-be

Mobile app dev:@nbsp; Outsource or in-house?

ePrize seeking Detroit area mobile talent as it continues expansion

Startups set out to solve the mobile data crunch

Michigan among top states in high-tech job growth

How New Mobile Tech Drives Demand for Freelance Skills

As app boom lures creators, making a living is more of a challenge

Employers are hot on application developers

App Economy Created over 519,000 Jobs

App Demand Creating New Opportunities, Jobs

Are we headed for a mobile talent gap?

From iPhone Apps to Connected Vehicles, Mobile Technology Presents Opportunity for Job Growth in Michigan

9 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Mobile Strategist

Detroit: Urban Blight to Tech Might?

Women Engineers Trace Gender Gap to Childhood

U.S. Job Revival Driven by Mobile Demand

Apple Touts Creation of Over 500,000 U.S. Jobs

Study Credits 'App Economy' with 500,000 U.S. Jobs

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Interns are Latest Target in Battle for Tech Talent

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Jobs Galore in Mobile Marketing as Hiring Demand Soars 16%

Detroit is top 'up and comer' for tech jobs according to Forbes

For Software Developers, a Bounty of Opportunity

Your Next Job:@nbsp; Mobile App Developer?

Hottest Jobs Involve Wireless and Mobile Technology

Graduate View:@nbsp; Why Mobile Technology is where [email protected];app  

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