Mobility / Connected Vehicles / Autonomous Vehicles / Intelligent Transportation Systems


Connected Vehicle:  Equipped with technology that enables a connection between other vehicles, infrastructure and a consumer wireless device

Automated Vehicle:  Uses mechatronics and sometimes connectivity to gather information and autonomously perform driving functions. Automated technology includes lane departure warning systems, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control.

Autonomous Vehicle:  A vehicle equipped with radar, remote sensing, cameras and other technology to perform many or all of the driving functions - better known as a self-driving car. Automotive experts think partially autonomous vehicles will be sold by 2020. 

Mobility (as defined by the auto industry): refers to getting goods and people from point A to point B. This encompasses vehicles for personal use, fleet vehicles, public transit, ride-sharing, bicycles, car-sharing, self-driving cars, plans, trains, and essentially any other form of motorized transport. It often includes an on-demand component.

History of Intelligent Transportation Systems

Senior Drivers Information

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Deployment Guidance & Resources

The Autonomous Levels

0.  No Automation: Driver is in complete Control.

1.  Function-specific Automation: Vehicle Stability Controls - These work with the driver to assist when they are making evasive maneuvers. "One or more specific control functions."

2.  Combined-function Automation: Automation of at least two primary controls. An example is adaptive cruise, combined with lane centering (lane departure avoidance)

3.  Limited Self-driving Automation: For periods of time can be completely self-driving with some driver intervention. In specific driving scenarios, like on a highway or well-marked road, the car can drive itself, and provide adequate transition time for the driver to take control (Think, Google Car)

4.  Full Self-driving Automation: Driver doesn't have to do anything but enter the destination.

5.  Fully Autonomous System: Vehicle performs equal to that of a human driver, in every driving scenario - including extreme environments.

Autonomous driving levels 0 to 5: Understanding the differences

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This chart on OEM and technology startup relationships was made in May 2017, by today's posting date in October 2017 it is already outdated in many respects.(Credit: Todd Trumbull/The Chronicle)

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