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Why Its Important to Grow Mobile in Michigan

According to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, every job created in Michigan's Mobile Technology industry creates 3.9 non-mobile-industry jobs in the state.
Innovation, according to Bruce Katz, VP of the Brookings Institution, has always driven economic progress. And the world today is “on the cusp of a tech revolution — self-driving vehicles, smart homes, remote health care.” And the U.S. is in danger of lagging — we’re now No. 45 on the global list of bachelor’s degrees granted in science and engineering.

Michigan's Technology Profile

According to Dice.com:  Detroit has led the nation with the fastest growth in technology job offerings since February 2011 - at 101%.
According to Forbes:  Detroit boasts one of the nation's largest concentations of tech workers, nearly 50% above the national average. Additionally, in the past 2 years (2010 - 2011) the region has experienced a solid 7.7% increase in technology jobs, the 2nd highest rate of any metro area in the country.


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Why GE Chose Michigan for its' Global Technology Center


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Venture Capitalist Changes Tune on Michigan


Mobile in Michigan

Interested to know how companies in Michigan are using Mobile Technology?  Follow the links below to learn how some Michigan companies are putting Mobile to work.  

Domino's voice-activated mobile ordering assistant tops 500,000 orders

Wireless technology enables Farbman Group to utilize miniature cameras in commercial real estate for increased customer service

Red Wings mobile app adds new virtual features

MSU scientist develops app to help blow while on invasive species

GM taking the lead in the in-car audiobook space

Michigan's role in keeping connected and in-control

Next Detroit challenge? Silicon Valley's cash

Dan Gilbert plans to wire downtown Detroit with superfast Wi-Fi

MEDC, Connect Michigan offer app to find fastest Internet connections

Michigan-based MagicBook uses Augmented Reality to transform reading for kids

MTAM member, Deborah Blair VanderLinde recently released 3rd iBook in a series

Saginaw Valley State University approves Wi-Fi upgrades for students

Delphi's Safety Technology is Driving Autonomous Vehicles

Michigan's Civionics seeks to aid manufacturers with Bluetooth technology

Grand Rapids Public Museum highlighted for its use of beacon technology

Grand Rapids startup develops outdoor smartphone remote

Grand Rapids-based startup connects mobile users to interpreters

Detroit to release App to 'bring City Hall to the pockets of residents'

MTAM members Mobile Comply and the Connected Vehicle Trade Association work with the Society of Automotive Engineers to launch 'Connected Vehicle Technology Credentialing Program'

Ford CEO worries cars may get commoditized like mobile handsets

Michigan State Police seeking FAA approval to use drones

Ann Arbor-based wireless sensing system developer, Civionics, wins ACE challenge

Grand Rapids Sportsman Tracker app raises $950K

Michigan implements BYOD program for State employees

MTAM member, Mobile Comply, helping fans in Arizona

Joe Louis Arena adds Wi-Fi for fans

FixIt Bay City app proves popular in first year

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study concludes self-driving vehicles may not be so safe

Study by Michigan-based Gamivation and recent transplant to Michigan, SBD, indicates confusion at the car dealership related to mobile technologies

Ford's Silicon Valley Center looks to hire 125, catalyze company

Fontinalis, invests in SmartKargo; uses cloud, data analytics and mobile in the management of air cargo

Several Michigan firms providing services on the Google self-driving car; Roush, Continental, RCO Engineering

Ford makes major push into the Silicon Valley

Oakland County launches Text-to-911 system

Michigan State Police want to use aerial drones statewide

Finley:  Automakers owning high-tech

Tablet-addicted Kids Spawn Car Trend as evidenced at the North American International Auto Show

Balance shifting in Motown-Silicon Valley talent quest

Oakland University Hosts Connected Vehicle Professional Credentialing Program Presented by MTAM Member, Mobile Comply

AT&T Upgrades Detroit, Romulus cell sites

Toyota uses Virtual Reality at the Auto Show to showcase the dangers of distracted driving

Google rep speaks at Automotive News World Congress in Detroit about driverless car expectations

UM student develops lower-cost navigation system for automated cars

Lake Orion High School students turn in phones for fundraiser to benefit 'Cell Out for Soldiers'

How 'smart' is Michigan's electrical grid

Royal Oak launches parking payment via smartphone

7 ways self-driving cars could impact states and localities

Google driverless cars being built in Livonia

UM says 32-acre automated, connected vehicle test city will be operational by Spring

GM open to working with Google on self-driving car technology

Ford delivers toy Raptors by drone at the Auto Show

Use of drones could save time, money for Michigan farmers

Mobile technology instrumental in Michigan I-94 crash reconstruction

City of Southfield embraces mobile technologies to increase engagement with residents, visitors and to provide increased services

Focus Magazine: Mobile Technology's Ability to Increase Productivity and Profitability in Your Business

Cross-industry collaboration enabled by mobile/wireless tech results in driver insurance discounts on GM cars

GM to announce new connected-car features at CES

Ford and Life360 partner on App to curb distracted driving

Carmakers take a hint from tablets

SMART, DDOT using GPS, text mobile tech to provide real-time info for riders

Shifting eyes back to the road ahead; more center-screen info moves in front of driver, Visteon takes a prominent role

Connected Cars become the focus at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)


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