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Who We Are

The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a non-profit trade association for Michigan's mobile/wireless technologies industry, businesses that provide those technologies, and the businesses - in all industries - that use these technologies. We are the first state-based mobile/wireless industry trade association in the U.S. and we are focused on increasing demand for Michigan-based mobile/wireless technology products and services within the state, nationally and globally, thereby generating increased entrepreneurial and enterprise-level opportunities and creating sustainable jobs in Michigan.   
MTAM sponsors Michigan-based growth of the Mobile Monday organization which to-date boasts 2900+ members in chapters located in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing; performs research for members and other interested parties; facilitates idea sharing, entrepreneurial programs, training programs and jobs creation; acts as a liaison with the mobile technology community inside/outside of Michigan; and serves as a resource for all things related to the Mobile / Wireless technologies. 
MTAM Ambassasor, Melissa Birnie, guests on GRTV

Our Mission

  • to facilitate conversation/collaboration between varied sectors of the mobile/wireless eco-system; serve as the bridge to enable diverse organizations to understand each other's perspectives and needs in order to drive new innovation and opportunities involving these technologies
  • to increase the use of, and demand for, Michigan-based mobile/wireless technology products and services in-state, nationally and globally
  • to increase the productivity and profitability of every industry vertical in Michigan via the use of these technologies
  • to create sustainable jobs and increased entrepreneurial opportunities in the state based on the use of these technologies, thereby achieving substantial growth of Michigan's economy
  • to help the communities we serve via the use of these technologies

Industry Impact on Michigan

A recent study by MTAM in collaboration with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) indicates that for every mobile/wireless tech-related job created in Michigan, 6.54 additional jobs are created in the state that are not directly related to these technologies.  The study further indicates that the mobile/wireless industry job creation factor of 6.54 is exceeds the job creation factor for the automobile manufacturing industry which creates 5.92 additional jobs.  Putting this in perspective, this means that mobile/wireless technologies are creating more jobs in Michigan, in various industries, than the state's historic 'main' industry..   
According to the same study, those working in mobile/wireless tech-related jobs in Michigan earn an average compensation of over $89,000 per year (a cost-of-living equivalent to $158,000 in California's Silicon Valley). 
Given the many expected growth segments of the mobile/wireless industry that are projected nationally and internationally (ie:  mHealth, mobile commerce, connected/automated vehicles, mobile-2-machine/machine-2-machine), MTAM is projecting the addition of 9,250 mobile industry jobs by the end of 2020 within the State of Michigan.  If this projected industry growth is achieved, the MTAM/MEDC study indicates this will impact Michigan positively thru the creation of over 60,500 non-mobile-industry jobs and over $3 Billion dollars in resident earnings.  
It should be noted however, the MTAM/MEDC study also indicates that while the mobile industry in Michigan has tremendous potential to achieve growth and positively impact the state's economic recovery efforts, we still stand to lose market share if we don't keep pace with what is happening at the national level.  The study further indicates that aggressive action is required to get our fair share of that growth.  That aggressive action is the mission of the Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM).

Our Goals

Click HERE to see a list of our organization's goals that we are diligently working toward.

What Our Members, and the Michigan Community, Are Saying About MTAM

"...a wonderful resource for Michigan-based mobile tech companies...as just one example, we attended an MTAM meeting last year where a fellow MTAM member presented their Beacon technology. We just so happened to be actively looking for a beacon manufacturer and were pleased to find one right here in Michigan!....A simple yet very impactful example of the synergies that can be had by providing the means for related industry to connect and collaborate. Bravo to...the MTAM team for their leadership in this area!" - Jim Hankins, VP Technology, GEOS Safety Solutions
"Joining MTAM was easily one of the best decisions i have made for my business" - Tony Merlo, CEO, Smarterphones
"Compuware understands the importance of mobile technologies to Michigan businesses and citizens. By bringing together mobile providers, marketers, developers and consumers, MTAM brings focus to the opportunities that help companies to be competitive and entrepreneurs to flourish. Michigan is fortunate to have MTAM provide the leadership and vision that will help businesses create new jobs and the state to thrive in the mobile economy." - Paul Czarnik, Chief Technology Officer, Compuware  
"MTAM has been a great forum for KoHorts to find and develop key partner relationships. The organization also has been helpful in providing mobile industry facts that we use in our presentations for attracting customers and investors. Being part of MTAM has been well worth the money and time." - J. Robert Kamal, President, KoHorts IT
"I'm really excited about the opportunity GVSU has in helping MTAM establish cohesion and momentum within Michigan's mobile technology sector. At GVSU we are well aware of our role in helping educate and shape the lives of Michigan's future technologists. Our collaboration with MTAM is giving us the opportunity to engage directly with key mobile industry thought leaders which in turn has informed and impacted how we've integrated mobile technology into our computer science curriculum. There are only a handful of trillion-dollar industries on the planet and the mobile industry is one of them. Making sure there is a critical mass of mobile-savvy technologists to put MIchigan at the forefront of this paradigm shift is what our collaboration with MTAM is all about." - Jonathan Engelsma, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Grand Valley State University and Director, GVSU Mobile Applications and Services Lab
"MTAM provides organization and visibility to the breadth of Michigan's mobile technology workforce. By organizing and leveraging the capabilities within Michigan's communities, MTAM is helping to create economic value." - Jason Joseph, Director Technology and Information Solutions, Spectrum Health Systems 
"Developers tend to be very independent people, which is why it is so essential to have MTAM. The industry now has a voice to advocate, promote, and elevate our collective efforts. There is no doubt that the state of Michigan's mobile industry has grown due to MTAM's tireless work on our behalf. jacAPPS does business worldwide, and the perception of Michigan as a tired, rust-belt, heavy-industry state persists. Yet, underneath the perception there are hundreds of small mobile technology companies who are creating, building, hiring and profiting. And MTAM is at the heart of our efforts, representing us to the media, to businesses, and to the public. Because of MTAM, the mobile technology industry is on the way to be one of Michigan's true success stories. - Paul Jacobs, Vice President / General Manager, Jacobs Media/jacAPPS 
"Membership within MTAM has not only connected us to prospective customers who were originally looking for talent outside of Michigan, but also has allowed us to connect and influence industries outside of our own. Affecting the healthcare, education and business markets on their future mobile direction has been important to our own success." - Christian Marcillo, CEO, Future Help Designs 
"Anyone who is connected to the mobile industry in Michigan should join MTAM. It's a great organization, headed by Linda Daichendt, that's working hard to bring mobile jobs to our great state..." - Michelle Gilbert, Public Relations Manager, Verizon Wireless
"...MTAM as the leading conduit for mobile technology in Michigan. I have been impressed how MTAM has united Midwest organizations large and small through relevant events, content and meaningful networking opportunities...nothing short of impressive. MTAM drives alignment between business and employer needs. I can safely say that MTAM has also increased the knowledge base of the Michigan tech workforce like no other Michigan organization. Mobile is changing the technology landscape and I highly encourage any technology professional to consider involvement/membership." - Matt Tubergen, Mobile - Special Projects, TechSmith Corporation
"...a driving force in the IT ecosystem in Michigan..." - Amy Cell, Senior Vice-president, Talent Enhancement, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
"...doing amazing work to help the mobile / wireless industry and the State of Michigan..." - Josh Linkner, NY Times Bestselling Author, Managing Partner, Detroit Venture Partners, Chairman, ePrize
"...the most important mobile trade group in MIchigan...influence crosses the state..." - Glenn Everitt, Enterprise Software Architect, Compuware
"...working to stimulate significant economic growth in Michigan by making it a leader in the trillion-dollar-per-year mobile industry" - Randy Nunez, Asssistant Organizer, Mobile Monday Detroit
"The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan is doing great work, spreading the word, connecting professionals, and sharing information. We have truly enjoyed our association and participation and look forward to more learning and sharing down the road." - Fred Jacobs, Owner, Jacobs Media
"I can describe MTAM and Linda's contribution to my company in one simple word, 'unprecedented'. MTAM has provided my team and my company with valuable resources and advice which helped us grow in the Michigan market. Thanks to MTAM, we have cultivated strong relationships with new strategic partnerships, new clients and new employees. I recommend that any Michigan business take advantage of the fantastic programs available through MTAM." - Elaina Farnsworth, CEO & Founder, Mobile Comply
"...MTAM is an outstanding organization - being a member of that group has resulted in my company earning business...I highly recommend membership in MTAM, and participation in Mobile Monday Michigan for those who are serious about building their business and network channels." - Kevin Lasser, CEO, JEMS Technology
"The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan is doing a phenomenal job uniting the technology world within Michigan as well as educating businesses on new technologies, how these technologies are changing the way business is done and how businesses can embrace and benefit from it. MTAM is helping to reshape Michigan, which historically was predominantly automotive driven, into a hot bed for booming technology companies." - Nicole Piggott, Vice-president, Mousetrap Mobile Group LLC
"It's so nice to have a very positive, optimistic presentation on Michigan. This was informative, refreshing and gave me hope!"; "Very helpful and interesting, the future with mobile is amazing!" - attendees at the Spring 2013 conference of the Michigan Office of Career and Technical Education