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Why Mobile/Wireless Technologies Matters to Michigan


The demand for access to information through mobile/wireless technologies such as smartphones, connected cars and machine-to-machine/Internet of Things is surging among consumers and businesses. Additionally, the capabilities that are now feasible as a result of Bluetooth, GPS, QR code, Near-field Communication and Augmented Reality, RFID technologies and more are changing the way we manage our lives and operate our businesses.

The massive growth in the adoption rates of these technologies around the world has significant implications for how we communicate, how business is conducted, and the impact it will have on every industry.  Every day, businesses are learning more about the ways mobile/wireless technologies can be used to increase their productivity and lead to increased profitability.  Therefore, the potential impact on Michigan is substantial as a result of its growing mobile/wireless technologies community and the jobs and businesses it is creating.
Michigan's mobile/wireless technologies community is having significant impact on the following industries here in Michigan, nationally, and globally: 
  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • healthcare
  • education
  • general manufacturing
  • retail
  • marketing / advertising
  • real estate
  • logistics
  • transportation management
  • financial services / banking
  • gaming
  • travel / tourism
  • data security
  • business / consumer security
  • protective and emergency services (military / first responders)
  • telecom
  • sports / entertainment
  • consumer services
  • business services
  • many, many more!

Mobile/Wireless Technologies Impact on Michigan

A study by MTAM in collaboration withe the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) indicates that for every mobile/wireless tech-related job created in Michigan 6.54 additional jobs are created in the state that are not directly related to these technologies.  The study further indicates that the mobile/wireless  job creation factor of 6.54 exceeds the job creation factor for the automobile manufacturing industry which creates 5.92 additional lobs.  Putting this in perspective, this means that mobile/wireless technologies are creating more jobs in Michigan, in various industries, than the state's historic 'main' industry