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MTAM Goals

Like any trade association, we at MTAM have a set of goals that we are working toward in our efforts to help build our industry in Michigan, and to create jobs and small businesses within the State.  Below are some of those goals:
  • Industry Cohesion
    • To serve as the catalyst that builds cohesion among all segments of the mobile technology / wireless industry to enable state-wide growth of the industry as a whole and prosperity for all firms involved.
    • Advocacy on behalf of all segments of the industry with all necessary audiences and/or constituencies.
    • Synergy and collaboration with other state-wide, national and international industry groups, government entities, educational facilities, companies and other parties as necessary to enable industry growth within Michigan.
  • Jobs / Small Business Development
    • To develop an alliance with businesses and organizations throughout Michigan in order to implement a state-wide mobile jobs initiative.
    • To promote the use of the Mobile Monday Michigan jobs board by both employers and prospective employees.
    • To slow the 'brain drain' currently taking place in the State of Michigan by providing opportunities for sustainable jobs that provide an excellent standard-of-living.
    • To develop an initial Mobile Technology Small Business Incubator in Downtown Detroit that will allow us to facilitate the growth of mobile firms in SE Michigan, and additional Mobile Technology Incubators around the state to spur state-wide industry growth
    • Business advisory services
    • Startup resources and tools.
  • Training / Certifications
    • To launch re-training programs for laid-off Michigan workers to enable new careers in the mobile technology industry.
    • To license the certification programs of the international organizations in our industry, and make those certification training programs easily accessible within the State of Michigan; this will help us development the most qualified mobile technology workforce possible.
    • To develop a comprehensive list of members-only events and programs which will serve to provide education, certifications and resources to insure that those in Michigan's mobile industry meet the highest standards of knowledge and quality.
    • To work with Michigan's educational institutions to integrate mobile-related content into existing and future degree programs.
    • Business startup training services.
  • Business Development
    • To develop an RFP database where firms in need of mobile-related services can post their need;  this RFP will be sent out to member firms capable of fulfilling that need so they may bid on the project.
    • To develop programs that assist Michigan manufacturers in learning about opportunities to expand and/or change their product mix to mobile technology-related product lines in order to save and/or re-generate manufacturing jobs; to assist these manufacturers in retro-fitting their plants, sourcing new customers and training their workers.
    • To encourage all the advertising, marketing and public relations agencies doing business in the State to incorporate mobile services into their product offerings; this will create benefit for their customers, and the need for more services - which in turn creates opportunities for more jobs and more small businesses.
    • To sponsor additional chapters of the Mobile Monday Michigan organization around the State.
    • To develop a comprehensive database of all Michigan companies involved in any aspect of the mobile / wireless technology industry, and to make their information available via the MTAM website in order that it may serve as a resource for firms in need of mobile services of any kind.
    • To produce events / programs which enable mobile / wireless businesses to interact and/or work directly with non-industry firms in need of mobile technology services.
  • Create Industry Awareness
    • To develop a schedule of events planned around the State, as part of a state-wide 'Go Mobile Michigan' campaign which will serve to create industry awareness of the opportunities provided by mobile technology for consumers AND businesses, thereby increasing demand for services and opportunities for jobs and businesses.
    • To launch a state-wide ' Go Mobile Michigan' campaign designed to generate interest in utilizing mobile devices and mobile services; thereby increasing demand for both with the end-goal being small business development and jobs creation at both the small business and enterprise level.  Campaign will show businesses in a wide variety of industries how mobile technology can help their firm increase productivity and profitability.
    • To implement a state-wide mobile / wireless technology symposium for Michigan business, education and government leaders to enable education about the economic opportunities provided by mobile / wireless technologies and to facilitate the development of a statewide strategic plan to enable Michigan to attain a national leadership position in specific sectors of the industry.
  • Benefits to Our Members
    • To provide a comprehensive member-benefits program which provides substantial value to the members of the trade association, particularly those that are small businesses working to generate jobs in the State.
    • Mobile industry advisory services from industry experts (in development)
    • Handset testing services (in development)
    • Preparation for mobile network operator testing via access to testing lab facilities, test equipment and in-house expertise (in development)
    • Handset rental library for mobile testing (in development)
    • Access to device specifications (in development)
    • Access to industry research (available via Members-only website access)
    • To develop a State of Michigan Mobile Awards program which might include such categories as:
      • Mobile Device Development
      • Mobile Application Development
      • Mobile Marketing Campaign
      • Mobile Industry Champion
      • Mobile Industry Company of the Year
Obviously, this list will continue to evolve, but we think you'll agree that we'll be working hard to build Michigan's economy thru the development of a mobile technology industry throughout the State.