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'Made in Michigan' Mobile Apps Gallery

The State of Michigan is home to many firms involved in the development of mobile applications of all types.  In fact, Michigan firms have quietly taken a national leadership position in the industry with one of MTAM's member firms achieving over 750 mobile apps developed and over 11 million downloads in a very short period of time, and other Michigan-based firms achieving national awards and recognition for the quality of their work!
As part of MTAM's effort to showcase Michigan's talent, below please find mobile apps from MTAM members, as well as additional firms throughout the State of Michigan.  Apps listed in the gallery below will have the developer identified only if the developer is an MTAM member.
We will continue to update this page as we are made aware of more Michigan-made mobile apps.
If your firm is interested in having a Michigan-made mobile app featured on this page and promoted by MTAM, please click here for instructions

Mobile Apps by MTAM Members

Future_Help_Designs.JPG         jacAPPS.jpg
                  iBAA                                   Detroit International Jazz Festival
        by Future Help Designs                                by jacAPPS
My_Spectrum.jpg         Windbuoy.jpg
            My Spectrum                                          Windbuoy
   for Spectrum Health System                           by Cluebucket
         by Atomic Object
Schwarzkopf_good.jpg        eWallet_logo.jpg 
             IGORA Educator                                         eWallet   
             by Logic Solutions                               by Ilium Software
JEMS.jpg       Kento_game___Five_Lakes_Studio.jpg
                  JEMS                                                 Kento
           by JEMS Technology                         by Five Lakes Studio
SafetyGrid.jpg      MemCliip cover_1.jpg
                  SafetyGrid                                         MemClip
               by SafetyGrid                              by Appervasive/MemClip
coachs_eye_hero_launch___techsmith.jpg      Signing_Savvy_Mobile_App_Design_Development_Gravity_Works.jpg
               Coach's Eye                                     Signing Savvy
   by:  TechSmith Corporation                  by:  Gravity Works Design
Give_screenshot.jpg      Magic_Moments.jpg
                   Give                                  Magic Moments by CafePress
          by:  Billhighway                                  by:  Magic Moments
Showcase.jpg     MHSAA_Mobile.jpg
                Showcase                                       MHSAA Mobile
           by:  Logic Solutions                    by:  Gravity Works Design
               Green Apple                                               
           by:  The Coil Group
                                      by:  Business Development Planners
       by: Michigan Software Labs
          by:  Silkroute Global

More 'Made in Michigan' Mobile Apps

(click on the photo to see an enlargement and a link to the location where the app may be downloaded)
NOTE:  in cases where we are aware that the app is available in multiple formats, only one link has been selected for inclusion on this site, but a notation will be made that multiple formats are available