Apex Apps

Apex Apps is a wholly-owned subsidiary of All Point Media Works, LLC.
We help our customers create apps that truly solve real-world problems...making the world a better place, one app at a time. From Personal and K-12 Emergency Response Systems, to Parent-Initiated Missing Child Alert Systems, Apex Apps continues to lead the charge in making the world a safer place.
Apps are only as reliable as the underlying infrastructure build to support them.
Apex Apps brings nearly two decades of experience in telecommunication systems architecture for Fortune 10 companies, as well as years in the field of troubleshooting complex problems and identifying single points of failure. It is this unique blend of architectural and operation expertise, combined with software engineering skills, that enables Apex Apps to engineer truly robust applications that will scale to the demands of its users.
We truly love what we do, and we look forward to bringing to life your big ideas! Let's change the world together!