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jacAPPS - Strategic app development

jacAPPS is a division of Jacobs Media, a media research, consulting and applications development company located in Michigan. We have a special concentration on media and consumer products companies, including National Public Radio, Vh1, Sylvan Learning Centers, CBS Radio, and others.


Since November, jacAPPS has become of one of the world's largest developer of mobile applications. With over 330 apps and over 5 million downloads for media clients, events, national talent, and other categories, we have the capability and experience to develop strategic, customized, and turn-key apps that generate downloads, attention, and buzz. As companies and brands seek to extend their brands to different platforms, the iPhone (and other smartphones) helps them reach the next level.


At jacAPPS, we are more than code writers - we develop apps from a strategic perspective. With years of experience developing and implementing successful marketing plans, we ensure that our apps achieve our clients’ goals. 


Website:  http://www.jacapps.com